Our Policy

Fadhel Hassan Contracting L.L.C is focused on the accomplishment of a secure working condition, a sound and injury-free workplace, and in securing the environment. The project management group of Fadhel Hassan Contracting L.L.C considers the prosperity of the general public, contractors, workers, and the sustainability of the environment. The company is committed to doing all that is sensibly practicable to recognize potential health, protection, and environment risks and hazards dispense with them whenever feasible, and additionally actualize essential hazard control measures.

  • The anticipation of exposure to hazards in every aspect of its undertaking.
  • Implementation of all HSE policies, plans, frameworks, and deterrent measures.
  • Proceeded development and management plan implementation to eradicate and control risks related to the activity.
  • Guaranteeing that all relevant HSE enactments, codes, regulations, and licenses are conformed to.
  • The development and training programs implemented to ensure all workers are familiar with and comprehend the HSE standards, policies, methods, and practices.
  • Continuous execution of environmental management plans through prevention of pollution, eco-productivity and waste evasion, reduction, re-use, and recycling.
  •  Sorting out of effective emergency and injury the executive’s plan

Our Goals

  • To guarantee and show consistency with international codes and guidelines.
  • Avoidance of hazardous conditions/circumstances on site.
  • Avoidance of circumstances that could negatively affect the workers’ health, safety, and government assistance and exercises that could negatively affect the environment.
  • To safeguard the organization’s image and its activities










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