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Hussain Electromechanical Works L.L.C (MEP) Overview

Hussain Electromechanical Works L.L.C is a full service mechanical and electrical designing firm for serving 8 years. The organization as it is prevalently known in the Mechanical and Electrical development sector gives total, cooperative, start to finish solutions. We are equipped with the technical and organizational efficiencies needed to help construction platforms to fulfill their ambitious electro-mechanical and infrastructure requirements. Our Quality has been defined to enhance our services to our customers in terms of a better understanding of customer requirements, design optimal solutions to meet those requirements, building frameworks and procedures to guarantee quality at all stages.

Hussain Electromechanical Works L.L.C (MEP) has quickly extended and developed from solidarity to quality, conveying excellent execution, and earned a notoriety for being an exceptionally reliable authority MEP Contractor in UAE. We have the information, capacities, and nearby presence to deal with ventures of any size and remain on duties towards fulfilling the requests of our customers in all viewpoints.

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Services of Hussain Electromechanical Works L.L.C (MEP)

We provide the service of a mechanical and electrical designing firm that embraces plan, establishment, testing, appointing, and support of high rising commercial and private buildings, inns, shopping and sports edifices, factories.

The company provides the best quality of services running from estates to warehouses, shopping centers, and schools.

Hussain Electromechanical Works L.L.C (MEP) so on being expert in Electrical, L.V and ELV Systems, Plumbing and Drainage Systems, HVAC, Fire caution, Voice Evacuation, Fire Fighting, Sprinkler, CO Monitoring, Security frameworks, Lighting control, CCTV, SMATV, B.M.S, PA/BGM, Intercom, Structured cabling Systems and so forth.

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LV and ELV Systems

LV (Low Voltage) is a voltage scale that conveys a generally less risk of injury and is commonly under 100V. While ELV (Extra Low Voltage) frameworks which work at extra-low voltage like the BMS framework alarm.

Drainage System

The drainage system, designs are shaped by streams, waterways, and lakes in a Drainage system. Drainage framework (horticulture), a system by which water is depleted on or in the soil to upgrade production


HVAC is used to provide heating and cooling services to the structure of buildings. HVAC frameworks are more utilized in various kinds of Buildings, for example, residential, commercial, industrial, institutional buildings

Fire caution

Fire caution is the measures taken and the fire protection aspects gave in a building that is intended to decrease the level of danger to the inhabitants from the outbreak of fire

Voice Evacuation

Voice evacuation systems are designed public frameworks, ordinarily utilized during fire circumstances. It is a framework that helps the viable evacuation of an area or building during a fire, bomb alert, or other crisis


Firefighting is the act of endeavoring to forestall the spread of and extinguish undesirable fires in buildings, vehicles, forests, and so forth

CO Monitoring

The carbon monoxide monitor is a device used in the determination of smoke inhalation, broken heaters, or some other sort of ecological carbon monoxide poisoning. The carbon monoxide monitor is a basic screening for carbon monoxide testing.

Security Framework

The security framework is a complete index of controls that are intended to empower organizations to design, manufacture, and maintain secure processes, frameworks, and applications

Lighting Control

Lighting control is the ability to manage the level and quality of light in a given space for explicit errands or circumstances. Controlling light assists to save energy by utilizing light when and where it is required most


An intercom is an independent voice communication framework for use within a building or little assortment of buildings, working freely on the public telephone network. Intercoms are commonly mounted permanently in buildings and vehicles

Structured Cabling System

A cabling framework gives a cabling infrastructure that conveys unsurprising execution just as has the flexibility to oblige moves, increases, and changes; amplifies framework gives excess; and future proofs the ease of use of the cabling system

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