Fadhel Hassan Contracting LLC

Fadhel Hassan Contracting L.L.C is an ISO 9001:2050 Certified Company. It is a leading contracting organization situated in the Commercial Capital of Gulf-Dubai, UAE. The specialty of the organization is to ensure the convenient delivery of construction projects on time and that too without settling on quality. Fadhel Hassan Contracting L.L.C is based on a strong establishment of satisfying clients and is very aware of its demographic necessities. Having worked with huge names in the business, it enjoys incredible regard and is a well-known name over the Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah of the United Arab Emirates.Fadhel Hassan Contracting L.L.C moreover works with the best in equipment and state-of-the-art machinery and ensures advantageous delivery of projects. Working in an extraordinarily gainful condition we have completed many overpowering ventures that go surprisingly and brought our status up in the UAE. The company has wide construction expertise in multi-storied commercial and residential buildings, villas, shopping malls, hotel apartments, and mosques, and so on.

The company has a devoted group of employees that incorporate qualified engineers, supervisors, quality control officials, and experienced technicians, skilled and unskilled laborers, who are exceptionally proficient in their work to meet the work’s requirements. At present, the organization has many running sites in Dubai with well-reputed advisors and many other projects are in pipeline expected to be done in a brief timeframe.

Our belief in setting the trust in our staff and faith in our significant clients has shown to be an indication of our instances of overcoming affliction. The mutually reliable relationship with our clients has guaranteed the conveyance of the best services and reaching total solutions.

Services of Fadhel Hassan Contracting L.L.C

Residential Infrastructure

Fadhel Hassan Contracting L.L.C has come up to the fullest desires for its clients and without a doubt; our organization has a guide and the commitment to do as such. It has been effective in developing different residential towers, building edifices, mix raised buildings and magnificent villas, and so forth.

Commercial & Retail Infrastructure

Fadhel Hassan Contracting L.L.C in the industry has presented innovative and modern components in the business to separate it among its competitors. Our Company works with the best in class machinery equipment and the most recent innovation.

Educational & Social Infrastructure

Fadhel Hassan Contracting L.L.C is based on a vigorous establishment of satisfying clients and is very aware of its clientele necessities. Vital to mention that Educational structures stay one center territory of our Company and the proof is in numerous numbers of schools and colleges being built under the capable guidance of our CEO.

Industrial Infrastructure

The commitment, accuracy, quality, greatness showed in each undertaking by our Company is unusual. Fadhel Hassan Contracting L.L.C has effectively delivered several huge modern clumping plants, industrial warehouses, and commercial buildings, and so forth.





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