AL Shams Precast Concrete L.L.C

AL Shams Prestressed Concrete (L.L.C.) Overview

AL-Shams Prestressed Concrete (L.L.C.) serving for 10 years to offers a complete range of construction from Post-Tensioning of flat slabs, the multistoried framework from dams, bridges, and stadiums to prestressed rock anchoring and allied services for the development industry through our JV with TIANJIN ZHENHUA PRESTRESSING FORCE TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. Our broad range of services includes value engineering, fundamental designs, feasibility studies, detailing, alternative proposals, shop drawings, and venture coordination; we can likewise execute the work through our staff and equipment and including various kinds of slabs. All components are made in a controlled domain under the exacting management of our supervision and very much prepared specialized staff that intently screens the creation procedure of all components from the structure stage to an erection. Our highly skilled teams are equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery and are highly expert.

We are the company that fit for furnishing prestressed concrete components with various treatments of surfaces, for example, uncovered, hued, or natural stone cladding and other building components, for example, cladding of external wall and enriching components.

Our expert plan group can give total proposition and building solutions for all structures, adequately. We have endeavored to fabricate strong notoriety dependent on giving prestressed concrete solutions for our customers and conveying a result of the highest standard on schedule.

Services of AL Shams Prestressed Concrete


AL Shams Prestressed Concrete provides the service of Post-Tensioning that is a method of pre-stacking the concrete in a way that disposes of, or reduces, the pliable stresses that are prompted by the dead and live loads.

Post-tensioning fortifies concrete or different materials with high-quality steel strands or bars, normally alluded to as ligaments. It very well may be intended to have negligible avoidance and breaking, much under the full burden. In building development, post-tensioning permits longer clear ranges, more slender chunks, fewer pillars, and more thin, sensational components. Post-tensioning would thus be able to permit a critical decrease in building weight versus an ordinary concrete building with a similar number of floors. Post-tensioning is the arrangement of decision for structures of parking since it permits a serious extent of adaptability in the segment design, range lengths, and incline setups. In regions where there are far-reaching muds or soils with low bearing limit, post-tensioned pieces on-ground and tangle establishments decrease issues with splitting and differential settlement. Post-tensioning permits scaffolds to be worked to requesting calculation necessities, including complex bends, variable superelevation, and noteworthy evaluation changes. Post-tensioning likewise permits amazingly long-length scaffolds to be built without the utilization of the transitory middle of the road underpins. This limits the effect on nature and maintains a strategic distance from interruption to water or road traffic underneath. In arenas, post-tensioning permits long clear ranges and imaginative design. Post-tensioned stone and soil grapples are utilized in burrowing and incline adjustment and as tie-backs for unearthings.

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