Al Shama Solar Energy

Al Shama Solar Energy Technology offers a full-services for solar-based tasks of all scales that incorporates advisory, obtainment, designing, project development, fund, and construction services. To expand energy production and broaden the lifetime execution of the plant, we chip away at picking the correct area, designing the ideal framework, and utilizing bankable PV components. Our experienced team conveys solar oriented ventures worked to the business’ highest safety and execution norms.We coordinate and distribute items from our key producer accomplices and create items through our innovation division. We gracefully the full scope of solar-based PV parts including inverters, modules, structures, and complete equalization of-framework, guaranteeing the best inclusion for every one of our activities.’

Longer than a time of relationships with world-driving PV producers and a 3GW worldwide gracefully impression has put us at the very front line of the market for industry estimating overall components.

We have partnered on off-matrix, grid-connected, diesel-hybrid, and capacity frameworks. We offer full EPC arrangements over the globe, including an engineering service suite, running from beginning practicality studies to heritage introduces advancement and redesign, obtainment, and construction of the solar power plants.


We have an abundance of experience acquiring money related help to develop solar oriented vitality ventures. Our company focuses on risk mitigation to make the project monetarily reasonable, so it can get financing and produce alluring returns.

Our services incorporate plant observing, maintenance (preventive, remedial, and breakdown), guarantee the executives, and remote monitoring platform with the 24-hour response to increase energy output and broaden the system’s life.

Our monitoring and control system incorporates industry-driving equipment and software components that empower computerized and completely mechanized management of energy streams. These apparatuses let you get to key system data whenever anyplace.

We offer review, plan, flexibly, establishment, financing, and O&M for custom-fitted solar, storage, electric vehicle charging, and energy proficiency and the solution of management for customers.

Al Shama Solar Energy Technology gaining practical experience in turnkey construction of photovoltaic solar plants on a business and enormous scope level. Our specialization covers the whole worth chain, extending from project development, construction, financing to activities, and maintenance of solar systems. Our expertise keep eye on the technical and economic advancement of solar power plants.

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Construction Development Plans

Construction development plans include the meaning of work undertakings, the estimation of the necessary assets and terms for individual tasks, and the identification of any interactions among the different work assignments

Investment Plans and Forecasts

Investment plans processes arrange financial action toward the future, it is a financial plan guide drafted now that can be followed over time and a financial forecast is a projection or estimate of future results anticipated today

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Construction of individual property means materials, fixtures, furnishings, apparatus, equipment, and all things of the substantial and elusive personal property now or hereafter owned by the property owner


Land that envelops the natural assets utilized in protection. In modern financial aspects, it is comprehensively characterized to incorporate all that nature provides, including minerals, forest products, and water and land assets


A town is a human settlement. A town is a spot with numerous roads and buildings, where individuals live and work. Towns are bigger than villages and smaller than in urban areas.A town is a human settlement.

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