Al Shajar Wood Industries L.L.C

Al Shajar Wood Industries L.L.C for serving 10 years to provide the best types of assistance all over the UAE.  The company is a set up driving supplier of inside plan, business fit-outs, and consultancy and furniture services in the UAE. Al Shajar Wood Industries contractual workers hold every single relevant accreditation. The company furnishes customers with the affirmation that all work will be finished to the best quality. Our uniqueness in moving toward each venture, executing the minutest of detail flawlessly, and conveying past desires has earned us universal recognition. We work cooperatively with proprietors, engineers, international designers, and advisors making an interpretation of ideas to life.

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Al Shajar Wood Industries has built an unrivaled track record with our highly innovative and creative team that ensures that every part of the process exceeds your expectations from start to finish. We comprehend the significance of offering supportable, practical, and premium inside services that give our customers a genuinely exceptional encounter.

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Home Furniture

Home Furniture is characterized as movable things like tables, seats and couches, rucksacks, dressers, and pantries that are utilized to make a house a comfortable place to live. For instance, the furniture includes a couch, chair, or table

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are ordinarily produced using wood and wood-like materials. A cabinet incorporated with a kitchen or a spot of drawers for kitchen use, such as for dishes and silverware.


The meaning of a wardrobe alludes to a cabinet used to hang attire, or to an assortment of clothing, or a room or area where clothes are kept


Plywood will be a wood facade reinforced together to create a flat sheet. An incredibly flexible item, plywood wood is utilized for wide structural, interior, and exterior applications – from formwork through to inner framing.

Office Furniture

Office furniture means any furnishing that is unattached and doesn’t need installation with segment parts. Examples are desks, seats, file cabinets, chairs, tables, lounge seating, and computer desks.


A sawmill or wood factory is where logs are cut into lumber. Modern sawmills utilize a mechanized saw to slice logs in length to make long pieces.

Wooden Boxes

A wooden box is a wood made container for storage usage or as a shipping container. Construction may incorporate a few sorts of wood; lumber, engineered woods, plywood, and so forth

Wooden Products

Wood products are utilized in enormous scope things like home, loft and tall building construction, furniture, decks, flooring, and piers, yet also small scale things like treehouses, toys, instruments, and even kitchenware

Wooden Doors

Wood doors are made either from a solid wood slab or, more commonly, a casing and-board construction that utilizes natural wood—regardless of whether a softwood like pine or a hardwood like oak or maple

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