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AL Madaen Aluminum L.L.C Overview

AL Madaen Aluminum L.L.C serving for 8 years in the aluminum and glazing industry. We have developed into the main provider of Architectural Aluminum items all through the emirates. We are not just conveying our mastery to our client and societies, but also empowering environment that will profit them as long as possible. AL Madaen Aluminum L.L.C assists with modernizing strategies, frameworks, and institutions to fabricate local capacities and produce sustainable results beyond the task.We have consolidated the abilities and experience of our kin, designers, engineers, fabricators, and installers into durable smooth working groups guided by expert task members. We have encountered and experienced works to satisfy the prerequisite of regularly expanding aluminum and coating. We put resources into their turn of events and offer them opportunities to rehearse and broaden their professional abilities.

We mix innovation and quality workmanship with the individual, one-on-one service. Our skilled fabricators will provide high-quality results. We undertake to deliver satisfaction to our clients with quality craftsmanship and personalized service. With the development of innovation and the expanding skills of our laborers, we can guarantee effectiveness in any project that we perform.

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Aluminum Kitchen

Aluminum metal is silver-white and inflexible form. It is a lightweight metal utilized for making cooking equipment. Basically, in the kitchen, it is utilized for cooking utensils.

Aluminum Windows and Doors

Aluminum is an inherently solid material, which means you can fit huge windows and doors without the need for a cumbersome casing to provide support. This boosts the glass zone and gives the most ideal view. .


A fencelike obstruction made out of at least one horizontal rails upheld by broadly spaced uprights. Green spaces will fence off with metal railings and boulders to forestall access by motorbikes and vehicles.

ACP Cladding

Aluminum composite panels (ACP), made of aluminum composite material (ACM), are flat boards comprising of two thin coin covered aluminum sheets. ACPs are regularly utilized for outer cladding or facades of structures, insulation, and signage.


An opening in a house rooftop or boat’s deck that is secured with clear or transparent material and that is intended to concede light.

Main Gate

A gateway or door is a state of passage to space that is encased by walls. Different terms for gate incorporate yett and port. .


A flight or arrangement of trips of steps and a supporting structure connecting separate levels. Likewise called flight of stairs


Canopy is an overhead rooftop or, in all likelihood a structure over which texture or metal covering is appended,

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are high-caliber, non-load-bearing sheets of glass that work as room dividers. As a structure material, this interior glass permits designers and engineers to separate a room, without giving up floor space and light dissemination

Shower Cubicles

A nook for a shower in a bathroom, commonly with a raised base and glass or plastic entryways. It is a little space with curtains or walls around it that is discrete from the rest of a room.


In an airplane, ribs are shaping components of the structure of a wing, particularly in traditional development. Ribs are built from profiles and sheet metal and are appropriate for deterring areas of the wing (e.g.: the fuel tank)..

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