Acadia landscaping and Pool L.L.C

Acadia landscaping and Pool L.L.C is one of UAE’s reliable and global specialist swimming pool equipment and accessories providers and swimming pool contractors. We deal in all pools sizes extending from residential to commercial utilization of any size, shape, or design. We offer high-quality products at unbeatable costs.

We are a team of experts in swimming pool maintenance. We have kept up pools for both private and business properties, for example, Apartment suites, hotels, and landed properties. Other than pools we additionally give cleaning services to water features and different landscapes. With a committed group of laborers, we maintained pools as per the general inclination of our loyal clients.

Acadia landscaping and Pool


We likewise give maintenance kits automatic pool cleaners, pool covers, pool stepping stools and handrail, pool synthetic kits, pool safety equipment, lifeguard seat, pool parts and frill, pool skimming loungers, pool toys and games, pool slides, water fitness, youngster pool glides and arm drifts alongside complete establishment and renovation of existing pools.

Pool equipment has mechanical parts that may be fixed one day, when that opportunity arrives Aqua pool will tell you precisely what is need of a fix and the cost of the fix parts and work. We manage sand channel media change, filters, replacement of pumps, and pipework, and all other pool equipment repairs

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Pool Filters and Pumps

A pool pump and filter will make your pool clean. The filter does the profound cleaning while the pump takes the water to the channel. Together, they make the best possible condition for legitimate pool water filtration.

Installation and Plumbing

Installation and Plumbing mean the arrangement of fixtures and pipes installed in a building for the distribution and utilization of consumable (drinkable) water and the evacuation of waterborne wastes.


GRP Lining is a permanent layer covering process and will keep going for a lifetime. GRP lined tanks are fitting for the capacity of consumable water as we are using a similar water tank delivering coating materials

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance incorporates the utilization of test kits or test strips to check and keep up your pool water balance. Test and maintain the free accessible chlorine level at 1.0 – 3.0 ppm.

Pool Repair

Pool repair is an overall term that can allude to dealing cracks in the pool walls, tears in the covering, and inoperable or filters in poor condition and pump systems

Lawn Maintenance and Repair

Lawn maintenance and repair involves keeping your grass clean and manicured all year, regardless of whether it’s setting up your garden for spring by clearing winter debris, cutting yards all through the summer, or yard tidy up before winter

New Lawn Installation

New lawn installation may include: applications that rounded up – takes out any existing weeds or grass. Expansion of specially mixed soils or alterations to existing soil to improve yard execution while decreasing its reliance on water and fertilizers

Spring and Fall Clean Up

Spring and fall tidy up incorporates pruning, protecting plants, and clearing seepage areas from the garbage. It additionally means implementing pre-developing herbicides to end weed seed germination while temperatures are ordinary


Pruning intends to cut, crop, curtailed, and weed out. It generally happens to overgrown trees and hedges. Some pruning is done to change plants developing patterns. Different types of pruning might be needed to keep up or plant health or the quality of the flowers

Plant Design and Installation

It assembles customized plants according to clients’ requests, needs, and necessities. It guarantees the total establishment of plants in a venture it embraces by collaborating and working with various equipment manufacturers

Snow Plowing

A snowplow is a device planned for mounting on a vehicle, utilized for eliminating day snow from outdoor surfaces, regularly those serving transportation needs

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